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The goal of the project is to create a multifunctional research and production enterprise that will bring dividends. The idea to carry out this project arose in the course of attempts to put into practice our own scientific fundamental and practical research. No one teaches scientists how to attract investors, and most people in science are stomping around. In the scientific field, the only source of raising money is a scientific grant. Of course, this system is improving, but nevertheless, it has some limitations. Therefore, even numerous attempts to get sufficient funding are not successful and scientific developments continue to gather dust on the shelves. Today, for the development of projects there are new tools to attract investment. One of them is retail financing. That is why we invite everyone to become a participant of our promising project.

Areas of activity
Development (modernization) of technologies for manufacturers
Technology upgrades are primarily needed to produce new products with improved performance. Technology upgrades can be achieved with more efficient production equipment, as well as new ingredients that exhibit better performance parameters. In general, a thorough analysis is necessary for each firm to calculate the benefits of upgrading and find the best technology improvement solution at this time. "Biosignsgroup specializes in developing new technologies and upgrading existing ones that will take the customer to the next level of performance. We find and implement the best solutions that will suit the business.
Selling technology licenses
Purchase of technology license allows you to get the exclusive right to use the intellectual product. "Biosciencegroup" offers customers the right to use the company's own developments by entering into an agreement on the terms of transfer and exploitation of scientific, technical, economic or any other information on our developments. We plan to cooperate with partners and provide assistance in the use of our technologies.
Development and manufacture of ingredients for manufacturers
After the construction of the research and production complex, we will be able not only to develop new technologies, but also to produce ingredients for manufacturers of food, cosmetics, medical and other products. We will focus only on the most relevant and high-margin ingredients. The"Biosciencegroup" team has considerable experience in this area.
Support for scientific development of individuals
If you have an interesting scientific idea or development. Contact us. We will evaluate your potential. According to the results of which you can become a full member and promote your developments on the basis of our project. Be brave and contact us. As scientists we know that our colleagues have a lot of good and promising developments gathering dust on their shelves.
Creating a scientific settlement (in the future)
Various projects require the direct participation of large teams of scientists and laboratory assistants. To work in a large team, the global experience of colleagues has shown that a scientific settlement is an effective and modern approach to development. That is why the prospects for the development of "Biosciencegroup" include the creation of such a settlement. Relying on our own developments, we plan to equip a modern and technically equipped comfortable settlement, which will have everything necessary for comfortable living and working on topical problems in the medical, food and other important industries.
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"A new way to produce agar" (food industry)
Agar is a powder of a mixture of polysaccharides from marine algae.
We have developed a new method that makes the technological process of obtaining (extraction) of agar more efficient.
Agar is actively used as a thickener for preparation of confectionery products (marmalade, jam, marshmallow, souffle, pudding, pastilles and others), in meat and vegetable preserves and some other food products. Agar of special purity is used in medicine and science for diagnostics and microbiological research.

The development is of interest first of all to manufacturers of agar itself. High-quality agar is of interest to the manufacturers of confectionery products, manufacturers of nutrient media for diagnostics and scientific research.
For the manufacturers our development is interesting because it reduces the energy consumption when obtaining agar, it is possible to use more types of algae as a source of raw materials. As a result, the producer will get a higher percentage of agar in a shorter period of time, thereby providing a more profitable and competitive production. A large confectionery company in Vladivostok has shown interest in purchasing agar produced using our technology.
Speaking about the Russian agar market we should know that 99,9% of it is still imported from other countries! Despite the fact that attempts are being made to revive production, but in fact there are no major agar manufacturers in Russia today.
Global manufacturers are working on outdated technology. Therefore, this is a very promising direction!
"Method for obtaining liposomes" (medicine, cosmetics, food industry)
A liposome is a two-layer lipid sphere. When it is formed, the surrounding contents are inside the sphere. Such spheres fuse well with the cell walls of the body. At the moment of fusion, the contents of the sphere are inside the cell. Therefore, liposomes have proven themselves as carriers of drugs, various active substances in food and cosmetic products.
We have developed a method for obtaining various versions of liposomal spheres, which will make the use of products based on liposomes more effective.
Explanta technology - test tube wood

One of our developments is the Explanta technology - test tube wood!

This is not plastic, it is wood pulp without leaves, roots and branches, which is given the desired shape.

The advantages of our development:

- "green" technology

- will reduce the volume of deforestation

- will preserve endangered plant species and the forest ecosystem as a whole

- innovative development (no analogues)

- an economically profitable raw material for manufacturers of building materials, paper (savings at the stages of harvesting, delivery and processing of timber - they are simply not needed!)

- the processing line can be launched almost anywhere in the world

Wood plays a huge role in human life: it is needed for building materials, paper, furniture. Therefore, the world timber market is only growing!

The market is expected to grow to $ 726.51 billion in 2025 and to $ 956.71 billion in 2030 at a 5.7% CAGR.

Our development will take its rightful place in the market.

"Kidney Stone Dissolver"
According to WHO statistics, about 5% of the world's population suffers from urolithiasis. When kidney stones are large, they cannot leave the body on their own. In this case, mechanical methods of lithotripsy are used (remote shock-wave crushing, percutaneous nephroscopic crushing with laser, electrohydraulic, pneumatic, ultrasonic instruments), or stones are extracted by open surgery.

We are working on a fundamentally new method - chemical dissolution of kidney stones.
"Method of obtaining soy protein isolate"
Protein isolate is the most concentrated, highly purified protein. It is derived from plants and animals. In particular, soy protein is as good as whey protein. In general, all producers follow a similar technology for producing protein isolate from soybeans.
We are developing a technology that will make it possible to bypass several energy-consuming stages in the production of soy protein isolate.
"BAS for Nutrition, Cosmetics and Medicine"
Today the market offers a large number of different BAS (biologically active substances), which are introduced in food and cosmetics.
We have developed several ways to obtain a number of biologically active components from algae, secondary water and terrestrial plants (Lespedeza, soybeans, chinensis, etc.). These are powerful complexes of antioxidants, pectins, vitamins, phytohormones and other biologically important molecules. On their basis, it is possible to create highly competitive products, which have a favorable effect on health (the skin condition of psoriasis and other diseases improves, the mobility of kidney stones increases, inflammatory processes are reduced, etc.).
Other Developments
We also conduct practical research on the following topics "Biosilica for Electronics", "Sorbents from Biosilica", "Test Sets for Agriculture".
According to Global Market Research, the volume of the global biotechnology market will reach $775.2 billion by 2024, and according to analysts will grow at an average rate of 9.9% per year.
Analyzing the industry segments (food, medical and cosmetics) of the global biotechnology market, we can confidently say that taking 0.3 - 0.5% of this segment, we will get the capitalization of our organization of 1.5 to 3 billion dollars.
At the same time, analysts from Grand View Research expect the global biotechnology market to reach $2.4 trillion by 2028, equivalent to an average annual growth rate of 15,8%. The key growth drivers will be favorable legal climate and government support, investment in the sector, increasing demand for synthetic biology, medical analytics, and e-biotech.
In the biotech sector, companies are bringing their investors returns ranging from 4% to 52% per annum. For example, for 2020, the ETF brought investors a 25.7% return, reflecting the early boom in the biotech industry.
Products of deep processing of soybeans
The global soybean market was worth about $150 billion in 2018.
The global market for soy protein isolates was over $8 billion in 2020.
The global market for phytoestrogens in 2018 was $13.5 million.
The global phospholipid market was $3.04 billion in 2017 and will reach $4.34 billion by 2023
The global agar-agar market was $242 million in 2018 and will be $354 million by 2026.
Kidney stone dissolver
According to WHO statistics, 5% of the world's population suffers from urolithiasis. The market for urinary stone medications was about $2 million in 2019, and will be about $2.7 million by 2026. However, this does not include the cost of private and public medical services for surgical removal of kidney stones. Since our development has no analogues in the world, it is problematic to analyze the global market at this time.
Wood Synthesis
The global forestry and logging market reached nearly $535.96 billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow to $726.51 billion in 2025 and to $956.71 billion in 2030 at an average annual growth rate of 5.7%.
BAS for nutrition, cosmetics and medicine
The global Biologically Active Ingredients (BAI) market will exceed $104 billion by 2024.
The global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) market was approximately $188 billion in 2020 and will grow at an average annual rate of 6.6% through 2028.
Forecast of financial indicators of the project

The project is at the stage of searching for investors. The amount of money needed to launch the project is $46 million.
1 stage (current)
Creation of a legal entity, development of a project site with a personal account of the investor. Conclusion of agreements of intent and confidentiality with potential partners and consumers of technologies and products.
2 stage
Development and launch of the retail financing platform (crowdfunding). Introduction of investors from the first stage into the legal field (conclusion of investment agreements and issuance of share certificates). In-depth professional analysis of the world market of technologies and products under development.
3 stage
Conclusion of agreements on temporary cooperation (rental of premises and equipment) with a number of laboratories, for the continuation of the existing scientific developments. Obtaining additional patents. Creation of laboratory samples of products.
4 stage
Search and lease of a land plot in a TOR (territory of advanced development) on the territory of the Russian Federation. Development and approval of the project of scientific and production complex.
5 stage
Construction of a research and production complex.
6 stage
Purchase of equipment and laboratory equipment. Commissioning works.
7 stage
Staffing. Completion of scientific developments. Refinement of our technologies in view of their use by the customer on an industrial scale (obtaining prototypes).
8 stage
Development of technological documentation. Certification according to international standards. Release of pilot batches of products. Launch of the company's developments on the market. Advertising campaign. Reaching a profit. Finishing of investments. Start of dividend payments. Growth of the company. Project development - attracting physicians and biologists and their promising developments for implementation in the project. Carrying out new research. Striving for growth of dividend yield of investors.

From the project you will get the following:

  • become a co-owner of a promising company
  • dividends once a year up to 30% (after the company goes public).
  • income from the sale of shares on the stock exchange (after the company's IPO).
  • income from the affiliate program (at any stage of the project, the program will soon be published).

Terms of investment (retail financing)
51% of the shares are owned by the company, 49% can be bought by investors.
You can invest at any stage of project development. A total of 8 stages are planned for 3-4 years.
Provides for 12 packages of investments from 10 to 100000 dollars.
The value of the share will increase with each successive stage.
The first investors (the purchase of shares was at the first stage of the project) have the right to purchase new blocks of shares in subsequent stages at prices of the first stage.
To join the project, choose one of the packages below and fill out the form
Phase 1 of the project (June-September 2021)
(Age restriction 18+)
Package № 1 2000 shares - 0,0050 USD for a fraction
Package № 2 12 500 shares - 0,0040 USD for a fraction
Package № 3 25 641 shares  - 0,0039 USD for a fraction
Package № 4 65 789 shares - 0,0038 USD for a fraction
Package № 5 135 135 shares - 0,0037 USD for a fraction
Package № 6 277 777 shares - 0,0036 USD for a fraction
Package № 7 571 428 shares - 0,0035 USD for a fraction
Package № 8 1 470 588 shares - 0,0034 USD for a fraction
Package № 9 3 030 303 shares - 0,0033 USD for a fraction
Package № 10 6 250 00 shares - 0,0032 USD for a fraction
Package № 11 16 129 032 shares - 0,0031 USD for a fraction
Package № 12 33 333 333 shares - 0,0030 USD for a fraction
Step № 1
Make a package
Step № 2
We send you a contract - an offer for review
Step № 3
We agree forms of payment convenient for you
Step № 4
The offer agreement comes into force after the payment
At this stage, the loan agreement is the most transparent official legal option.
At this stage, we conclude a loan agreement for three years. However, this investment option will last until the development of a platform with a personal account (Stage 2). This platform will help a citizen of any country to invest. After that, the loan agreement will be terminated prematurely, and you will be asked to execute an investment agreement (the price of the package of shares will be executed on the date of the loan agreement).
At this stage, the loan agreement is the most transparent official legal option. The first investors (the purchase of shares was at the first stage) will have the right to purchase new packages of shares at subsequent stages at a fixed price of the first stage.
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Sample loan agreement (offer)

Interest-free money loan agreement (offer) No.

This document in accordance with Art. 435, 807 of the Civil Code is an offer of LLC "BIOSAISGROUP" INN 2801259104, OGRN 1092801003778, hereinafter referred to as the Borrower, concludes the interest-free money loan agreement with Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, passport series number, registered at address, hereinafter referred to as the Lender, together referred to as the Parties on the following conditions

1. Subject of the Agreement.

1.1 By the present contract the Lender transfers to the Borrower the loan in the sum determined by the Creditor (further - "loan sum"), and the Borrower undertakes to return the specified sum of the loan on the written demand of the Creditor, but not earlier than 730 (seven hundred thirty) calendar days from the moment of receipt of money resources on the settlement account or an electronic purse of the Borrower.

1.2 No interest for the use of the loan is established under this contract.

2. Rights and duties of the parties.

2.1 the Creditor transfers the Loan sum on the bank account or an electronic purse of the Borrower's firm general manager in rubles or other currency.

2.2 The Borrower can return the sum of the loan in a lump sum in full or in parts in the term provided in the present contract.

2.3 The sum of the loan shall be returned by transfer of money to the current account of the Lender.

2.4 The Borrower has the right to direct the loan funds of the Lender exclusively on realization of the expenses incurred as a result of the organization's activity.

3 Liability of the parties.

3.1 In case of breach by the Borrower of the term of return of the Sum of the loan, the Lender has the right to demand from the Borrower payment of a penalty at a rate of 0,01 % from the non-returned Sum of the loan for each day of a delay till date of its return to the Lender.

3.2 The collection of a penalty does not exempt the Borrower from the performance of obligations in kind.

3.3 In all other cases of non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 4.

4. Settlement of Disputes.

4.1 All disputes and disagreements which may arise in the performance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Parties will seek to resolve through negotiations.

4.2 Disputes not resolved in the course of negotiations shall be resolved in court in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. 5.

5. Amendment, termination and termination of the contract.

5.1 All amendments and additions to the Contract are valid if made in writing and signed by the Parties. Corresponding additional agreements are an integral part of the Contract.

5.2 All notifications and communications under the Contract shall be sent by the Parties to each other in writing.

5.3 The Contract shall be terminated in case of proper and complete execution by the Parties of their obligations under the Contract.

5.4 The Agreement may be terminated prematurely by agreement of the Parties or otherwise in accordance with the procedure and on the grounds stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. 6.
6. Details of the Borrower.
Full name:

Limited Liability Company "BIOSAINSGRUP".
Abbreviated name:
2801259104 /280101001
Legal address:
242 Gorky St., Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region, Bldg. 7
Actual address:
4 Voronkova St., Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, 317 Bldg.
Phone, fax:
+7 (963) 806 3636
Director General
Eduard Pavlovich Pamirsky

Partner Program

Briefly about the essence of the program. With each investor, according to his desire, we can conclude the partner agreement on which payments for attraction of new investors to the project are provided. In fact, it is our inevitable advertising costs, but the cost of it will be sent to the partners as additional income! As a result, the project will get the most targeted advertising and will not drain the advertising budget. This way we will complete all stages of project development faster and reach the stage of receiving dividends!

Profitability table

depending on partner status

Additional conditions for partners
Concludes an affiliate agreement.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 dollars.

The remuneration is charged at once from each acquisition of your new partner.

For partners with existing own sites and accounts there is an additional %.

The requirements to the site, the account: quality filling, daily traffic not less than 50 people a day.

Partner is forbidden:
- to carry out mass mailings in any form;
- Use not legal promotion methods;
- use materials with design that differs from the design approved by the company.
Igor Pamirsky
Project manager, researcher.
Candidate of Biological Sciences (physiology, biochemistry).
More than 120 scientific publications. 3 patents. Scientific experience of 17 years. Hirsch index 7.
Zakharenko Alexander
Candidate of Chemical Sciences. More than 110 scientific publications. Scientific experience of 15 years. Hirsch index of 16.

Mikhail Shturberg
Candidate of Medical Sciences. More than 30 patents. Over 240 scientific publications. Scientific experience of 30 years. Hirsch index 17.
Pamirskaya Galina
The Economist
4 scientific publications.
Bybak Irina
Arseniy Pamirsky
Catherine Pigur 
Social media. Advertising. 
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